A year ago

Nearly a year ago to the date I purchased this cookbook.  I love the way Dorie Greenspan writes, its really quite a comforting style in that she includes so much detail that I feel fairly certain that I won’t ‘mess’ anything up beyond repair.  Thus far I’ve only tried out two recipes.  I’ve made Challah for family and friends, and Pumpkin Cranberry Walnut bread for Thanksgiving this past year.  In the past months I have often read and reread recipes that excite me (& Jason), but I always feel that I need to have a reason to bake.  Someone has to be visiting, a party or gathering – I can’t just have a random cake laying on the counter all week, well it wouldn’t really last a week and that’s the problem.

So a friend and I set up an exchange, twice a month I deliver the results of Tuesdays with Dorie – Baking with Julia, and once a month Jason and I head to their home for a dinner date.  I think it’s a fair exchange, and my friend and her husband are good constructive critics, so I look forward to their feedback as well as a standing monthly date with people I love to spend time with.

Other than the multitude of warm bread, both savory and sweet, cakes, cookies, pies, and pastry that will be a result of participating in this group – one thing I really look forward to is the distraction from the challenges of trying to embark upon an operatic career.  From learning to master a new technique, going through the audition process, and receiving the rejection emails.  I’ve always known it would be hard and brutally competitive, but knowing/hearing about it and experiencing are two entirely different animals and this past year has really opened my eyes to a new world.  I am so grateful for the amazing support I get from my husband, family, friends and team of teachers/coaches/directors on my side.

I love the kitchen my husband and I renovated a year ago, and small as it may be, I’ve definitely gotten a lot of mileage thus far from all of the appliances and countertops, and I look forward to quite a lot more in Baking with Julia!

Next post on 2/7 will be the first of the series, we’re starting with White Loaves.  A good beginning – and then mid month we move on to Chocolate Truffle Tartlets, I might be looking forward to the tartlets a little more.

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