Tuesdays with Dorie: Baking with Julia: 11: Hazelnut Biscotti

This week’s recipe came together in a pinch, however I was a bit underwhelmed by the flavor.   Instead of using the called for Frangelico I used some brandy I had on hand, and that may have been part of what was lacking.

These biscotti do have an excellent crunch, however if I do make them again I think I would add or try some different variations.  Unlike most of the other weeks, I really don’t have much to add:)

If you’re interested in the recipe check out the fantastic hosts for this week: Jodi of Homemade and Wholesome and Katrina of Baking and Boys.  Or better yet, buy the book:  Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan!

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10 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie: Baking with Julia: 11: Hazelnut Biscotti

  1. The photo of your Hazelnut Biscottis is so pretty, they look perfectly baked and have a wonderful color – I did not use Frangelico either, I opted for Amaretto and almonds (with the skins on).

  2. Your photo is beautiful! I actually didn’t add any liquour to mine, but added some almond extract instead. The combination of almond, macadamia nuts, and chocolate chips was great!

  3. I think these benefit from some extra add-ins. Next time, I’m definitely going to toss in some chocolate. Beautiful photo!

  4. Love the picture of your biscotti!!! I made chocolate chip ones and they were delicious…maybe try that next time 🙂

  5. Beautiful biscotti.
    I made a batch with hazelnuts, one with almonds and since I still had some hazelnuts and almonds left I made a third one with hazelnuts, almonds and raisins.
    We loved them…all!

  6. Teresa on said:

    Lovely photo! I’m looking forward to trying some of the flavour combinations I’ve seen on folks’ posts this week. I think this is a great base recipe.

  7. Beautiful photo. I liked seeing how everyone changed this up to fit their taste preferences.

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