Tuesdays with Dorie: Baking with Julia: Madeleines

I didn’t quite get to this recipe on time to post last week, but am happy to have whipped them up later in the week.  I bought my first ever madeleine pan, which seemed somewhat momentous, and was happy to see after reading through the recipe that the genoise batter was quite quick to come together.  Now I did make a  mistake putting it all together, my anticipating-arrival-of-baby brain does not seem to be focusing the way it normally does and I just went along cracking whole eggs into the bowl until I realized I had one too many.  So my batter had three whole eggs and three yolks, I wasn’t quite sure at that point how to remove one egg white from a bowl of three whole eggs.

I had read others’ comments about letting the batter rest overnight in the pan, and wasn’t sure which direction to go but seeing as I only have one pan, the first batch had only about a ten minute rest in the fridge, and the second had a 30 minute rest in the bowl and then 10 in the pan before going into the oven.  The first batch (as seen in the picture) came out with a fair amount of bubble holes, and the second batch was much smoother and nearly bubbleless.  So I would definitely agree that there is something to letting the batter rest.

I was a fan of the flavor of this recipe, however I do think they were a bit denser than I am used to in a madeleine.  I suppose this just means that I’ll have to go and try some other recipes:)

If you’re interested in the recipe check out the fabulous hosts Katie and Amy of Counter Dog.  Or better yet buy the book!

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2 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie: Baking with Julia: Madeleines

  1. Your Madeleines turned out so pretty!

  2. Some nice looking madeleines!! Great job. I didn’t try them yet, but am thinking I need to try them too.

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